Sulphuric Acid

in various concentrations


Sulphuric Acid is primarily sourced from base metal smelters which manufacture this product as a result of capturing Sulphur-based emissions to meet environmental regulations

It is also produced in so-called Sulphur burner plants using Sulphur as raw material. Sulphuric Acid has a wide range of applications including fertilizers, waste water processing, chemical synthesis, as an electrolyte in lead-acid batteries and in mineral processing, such as copper leaching, besides many others

The world production is estimated to be approximately 270 Mio tons. Major exporters with a total volume of about 14.6 Mio tons are Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Peru, Mexico, Eastern Europe and the Philippines. Major importers with a total volume of 8.5 Mio tons are the USA, Chile, India, China, Morocco, Philippines, Turkey and Brazil

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